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Bag Raiders

electronic dance electro australian funk

    Bag Raiders are an alternative dance band founded in 2007 by mainstays Jack Glass and Chris Stracey. Both classically trained musicians, they met in the Cranbrook School orchestra practice room with Glass a year ahead playing piano and cello, and Stracey playing violin, guitar and clarinet. In 2005, the pair reconnected and started mixing hip-hop and 1970s rock music CDs. As Bag Raiders their musical inspirations include Earth, Wind & Fire, The Brothers Johnson, 808 State and Orbital.

    On 15 August 2007 Bag Raiders issued their second EP, Fun Punch on Bang Gang 12 Inches and Modular Records.

    On 25 October 2010 Bag Raiders released their debut studio album. Their track, "Shooting Stars" was listed at No. 18 in the Triple J Hottest 100 of 2009. In the next year's list, "Way Back Home", reached No. 46.

    They also DJ and produce, write and remix other artists' work. In 2009 they were rated at No. 11 on the inthemix poll of Australia's top 50 DJs. In June 2014 they released a house EP titled "Nairobi".

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