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Avenue D

Electroclash electro electronic female vocalists electronica

Avenue D was an duo formed by Debbie and Daphne D. They're originally from Miami but moved to New York City during the rise of the elecroclash scene in 2001.
They create songs with energetic and sexual lyrics. With the exception of Slut, they have produced their own CDs that they burn on their home computers and have stick on CD covers. Even so, they sold 50,000 records worldwide and have collaborated with such artists as Boy George, Phiiliip, Lady Tigra of L'Trimm, and Cazwell. They have performed for audiences all over the US as well as Brazil, London, Amsterdam, Rome, Ibiza, Germany, and Japan.

Avenue D announced their breakup on November 19, 2007, through their official website. Since their split, they have released a 3 CD box set including never before released albums Grade D Beef, Totally Magic, and D-Sides. They also released a 2-disc DVD titled The Avenue DVD and Down On Avenue D Collection.

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