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1. German band playing black metal
2. A UK trance duo.
3. Influential London based impro-noise / avant-jazz / heavy soundscapes duo of 90's.
4. An American groove/black metal band.
5. A Scottish power metal band.
6. A German band playing hardcore
7. A thrash/hardcore band from Cleveland, OH.
8. An English melodic death-metal band.
9. A Bulgarian death-metal band from Svishtov (1992-1994)
10. A UK Power Metal Band since 2004.

1): Ascension is a black metal band from Saxony (Raguhn-Jeßnitz, Sachsen-Anhalt), Germany, formed in 2007.
Their works to the date include:
With Burning Tongues - 2009, LP
Faith and Fire - 2010, EP
Consolamentum - 2010, LP
Deathless Light - 2014, EP
The Dead of the World - 2014, LP
Official Myspace

2): UK based production duo. Ricky Simmonds and Steven Jones, 2 names which have appeared frequently under numerous guises including Space Brothers, Ascension, and Lustral, have been producing since 1995. Their uplifting euphoric trance/chillout styles have made an impact on everyone from John Digweed, to Paul Oakenfold & beyond.

3): Project of prolific guitarist Stefan Jaworzyn = founder of legendary Shock records (aka Mr. Shock; of Skullflower; Satin Chickens; Descension) and drummer Tony Irving (aka Derv; of Descension; Scott Bond).

Performed intense: electro-acoustic improvisations / apocalyptic musique concrète /
avant-jazz / heavy ambient / guitar noise soundscapes

Very active between 1993-1996.

4): American Black Metal band founded by guitarist Caleb Bingham. In September of 2006 the band began pre-production on their debut album, "Until the End: A Soundtrack for Generation Armageddon." Since then, Ascension has gained audiences worldwide with the release of their first single "The Left Hand Path".

5): Scottish power metal band formed in 2004. Official myspace page:

6): Hardcore band from Bruchsal ( )
Ascension was formed in summer 1998. One year later the "BREAK THESE CHAINS" - Demo was released. The "ONE SHOT IN HEAVEN" - DemoCD came out in 2001. After three years of playing shows they gone back to studio in 2004 and recorded the "ASCENSION" - CD.

7): Perhaps lesser-known during the "holy terror" wave of the 90's, Ascension (from Cleveland, OH - probably the "holy terror" capital of the world simply due to Integrity's presence) was another band whose relationship to hardcore was fairly minimal from a musical standpoint, as their riffing was very directly influenced by straight up thrash metal - while still retaining a certain level of that undeniably effective 90's chug. And believe me, they more than earned their status under the "holy terror" banner through a raging assimilation of awesomely apocalyptic artwork, bitter lyrical themes, and even by quoting Anton LaVey on the back cover of this CD, "The Years of Fire", which was their 1996 debut. While both of the band's records were great, there's a certain level of unhinged energy and aggression on the debut that always stuck with me a little more, and the opening track, "Transit", is an outright fucking classic - easily the band's finest hour. Seven tracks, barely under 30 minutes… they just tear through and leave it at that. It's a quick listen, but one that still deserves a nod even today. Ascension guitarist Matt DeVries and bassist Jason Hager later went on to Chimaira (though Hager only played on their first EP)

8): An English melodic death-metal band. Λscension are a mix melodic riffs, frantic drums and pounding bass with powerful vocals to forge a new sound which they displayed with some force when they blurred the line between Modern Metalcore and Melodic Death Metal on their independent releases "..An Angel" and "My Sick Salvation". See and

9): A Bulgarian death-metal band from Svishtov (1992-1994)

Ascension has published photos.