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    Once known as Volkermord, Armagedda was a black metal band from Norrland, Sweden. The band released several splits, EP's and three well-received albums during their existence.

    In 2000 Graav formed LIK, a black metal project with rock influence.
    After the split-up of Armagedda, A. and Graav formed a folk rock/metal project Lönndom together.
    A. has a project named De Arma. He have also played in both Whirling and Leviathan, a project of ex-Armagedda member Phycon.

    Armagedda's statement on their split-up:

    Quoth Armagedda:
    "As you all may know, Armagedda will not bring you any future experiences. We decided after the release of Ond Spiritism that it was for the best to put this phenomenon of ours to the past,we felt that we had achieved everything we needed and seen in our dreams. To continue would have been a move in the wrong direction. Graav has chosen another path in life and is forever gone. But as certain as the end came hand in hand with Ond Spiritism a birth and beginning of something else grew in shape. However, that's another story and it will speak for itself somewhere else".

    Last known line-up:
    Graav - Vocals & Guitar
    A - Guitar & Bass

    Former members:
    Phycon - Drums
    Mord - Bass

    Armagedda has published photos.