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Arielle Bryant

folk singer-songwriter acoustic indie female

A firecracker transplanted from Northern Virginia Suburbs to Raleigh NC, Arielle Bryant is like fresh air in your stereo - a young, new voice for the singer-songwriter genre. A true force of nature, Arielle is known on the local bar-and-coffee-shop circuit as not only a singer-songwriter but a sassy entertainer. Inspired by such varying artists and Blink 182 and Jason Mraz, Arielle taught herself to sing and play guitar, infusing her music with poetry that speaks volumes of her intellect and passion. Now channeling folk songstress Dar Williams and embracing a pop-savvy resonant of Jewel's early records, Arielle Bryant is ready to be revealed with the release of her first EP. "I am the Lemon" oozes whimsy and desire, rapture and longing. It is at once teenage heartbreak, a one-night stand, and marital bliss - a range of emotions the young Arielle has no right to express, but which she does with strength and grace. Her music is like a hug from a best friend, a cold glass of sweet tea (with lemon!) and a rainy summer night. Music isn't her hobby or even her job - this is her purpose. And, with her love of the English language, her joyful spirit, her dedication to showmanship, and her knack for songwriting, Arielle Bryant is the girl to watch in the coming decade.
-E. Kristin Anderson

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