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Ariana Grande

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      Ariana Grande (born Ariana Grande-Butera, June 26, 1993 in Boca Raton, Florida, United States), is an American Grammy award-nominated actress, singer, and songwriter. Beginning by taking a part in the Broadway musical 13 in 2008, Grande later landed the role Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon hit TV shows Victorious (2010-2013), and its spin off, Sam & Cat (2013-2014).

      Grande reached mainstream success in March 2013 after her debut single "The Way" (featuring Mac Miller) from her debut studio album Yours Truly (2013), became a Top 10 Billboard Hot 100 hit. The album also debuted atop the Billboard 200 chart with first week sales of 138,000 copies.

      In August 2014, Grande released her second studio album My Everything, which became her second number one album in the US with 169,000 copies sold first week. Its lead single, "Problem" (featuring Iggy Azalea), reached number two on Billboard Hot 100 and became one of the best-selling digital singles of all time. With four Top 10 hit singles from the album, Grande spent 34 continuous weeks in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 and had the most top 10 singles of any artist in 2014. All of five singles from My Everything were certified Platinum or better by RIAA.

      In October 2015, Grande released the lead single from her upcoming third studio album, Focus, which became her first song to crack into the Top 10 Billboard Hot 100 without a company artist. Grande also became the first artist in history to have all of three lead singles from three first albums to debut in the Top 10 Hot 100 with The Way, Problem, and Focus.

      Grande has released Christmas music every winter since her career debut, Christmas Kisses (2013), which included "Santa Tell Me" (2014) in the exclusive re-release in Japan, and Christmas & Chill (2015), which debuted at number thirty-four on Billboard 200 chart with 27,000 digital copies.

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