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    Arckanum was a one-man Swedish band formed in in 1992. Although, for the most part Arckanum has remained Shamaatae's solo project, in 1993 Loke Svarteld was the guitar for the band, and Sataros the vocalist, though this quickly changed the same year. To this date, besides a number of demos, splits and EPs, Arckanum has released eight full-length albums. Note: Arckanum is NOT a "pagan" black metal band. Shamaatae is a practising Chaos-Gnostic (see the "Gnosis" article on Arckanum website).

    In early 2018 Arckanum informed on their official Facebook page that they were splitting up, in order for Shamaatae to focus on his authorship.

    Shamaatae is also the author of the books on Chaos-Gnosticism, Anti-Cosmic Satanism, Old Norse religion etc under the pen-name Vexior. His first book called "PanParadox: Pan Towards Chaos" was released through Ixaxaar Publishing in 2009. He has now changed his name to Ekortu and currently is working on a series of books concerning Thursian tradition.

    Official Facebook:

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