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Anthony Snape

singer-songwriter pop rock acoustic under 2000 listeners pop

At a music event in Los Angeles, Anthony was chosen randomly from the audience to play for Kara DioGuardi. At the end of the performance Kara stood up and hugged Anthony, showing him the goose bumps on her arms "totally unique, your voice was so on the money, it was effortless, I bought into you and I forgot where I was."-Kara DioGuardi.

Anthony is a rare find, an artist that can take on many genres but is most at home in the pop rock world. Influenced by pop culture and bands like Rob Thomas, Cold Play and Neil Finn. Anthony's brand of songwriting is all about connection. "In my head every performance is a stadium rock show, every song is like a part of my soul that is bursting to get out." –Anthony Snape

Anthony spent his first year in the US opening for Tommy Emmanuel, playing over 18 states and reaching thousands of new fans. In the same year he landed his first American TV placement. “Walking” from his debut album featured on the top rating NBC program "The Biggest Loser 5". It was broadcast into millions of American homes and aired around the world. In 2010, Anthony was signed to a major college-booking agency and showcased at the NACA nationals as a Main-Stage artist. He was subsequently snapped up by colleges all over the US. Since basing himself in the US since 2008 Anthony has performed at a variety of venues from theatres (The Birchmere VA, The National, The Majestic) and clubs (The House of Blues LA & New Orleans, BB King’s NYC, Park West Chicago) to performing arts centers (in Virginia, Nashville, Texas, Kansas and Wisconsin), colleges and festivals (SXSW 2009 and The Bondi Beach Festival).

Snape's first two singles, “Little Piece of Love” and “Daylight” gained radio airplay across three continents (USA - Lighting 100, Europe—Big FM and Australia—Triple M, Nova). Anthony has also won numerous music and songwriting awards (MusicOz, Rising Star, ASA Awards, SongDoor) and has appeared on TV stations in the UK, USA (Fox 19 Morning Show and the Nancy James Show in Ohio) and Australia (Scout TV).

Over the past few months Anthony has been working on a bunch of new tracks, with plans to release in the near future

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