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Andy White

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Andy White, from up the North of Ireland, friend of Tim Finn and Liam O'Maonlai (ALT) among others and erstwhile Melburnian. Long time running with a varied musical taste.
Teenage (1996) probably the most accessible album. His first Rave on Andy White (1986) created attention for this fiery post-punk poet/folk singer from Belfast. 'Himself' broadened his appeal and Andy started to tour Europe, leading to 'Out There' (1992) which won awards in Ireland.
After the ALT collaboration Andy released a best of album 'compilation', a live album on WOMAD Select and moved to Australia.
Latest album is 'Songwriter' (2009) which returns to the sound of his early albums but adding the songwriting experience which has become his speciality.

You can find all Andy's albums on his website, video at & a Facebook fan site here

And as his books 'The Music Of What Happens' and '21st Cenury Troubadour' testify, he's a serious writer. You can find excerpts on his website, which he updates regularly:

Bio to follow:


Singer-songwriter Andy White carries a 12-string guitar under his arm and wears his particular brand of Irish charm on his sleeve. With the political edge of Billy Bragg, the romance of David Gray and the Celtic lyricism of the Waterboys, Andy is a fully paid up ‘21st Century Troubadour’ (and that’s also the title of his second book, recently published in Ireland to rave reviews).

Belfast born and raised, White has earned a global following for blending folk and pop stylings with a poet’s sensibility. Working with the great names of Irish music - Sinead O’Connor, Van Morrison - and writing with the likes of Peter Gabriel and Neil and Tim Finn, Andy has won Ireland’s top songwriting awards and toured the world many times over.

Andy’s latest release ‘Songwriter’ is his tenth studio album. Released on Floating World in Europe and slated for release by Judy Collins’ Wildflower Records in North America, it was recorded in Vancouver with members of the Be Good Tanyas, Neko Case’s band, and features special guests Allison Russell from Po’ Girl on vocals and Radoslav Lorkovic on piano.

As well as touring ‘Songwriter’ and his second book ‘21st Century Troubadour’ (Lagan Press), Andy is preparing for the release of the eponymous debut album from Fearing & White, his collaboration with Canadian singer-songwriter Stephen Fearing.

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