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Alicja Janosz

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Alicja Janosz (born June 4, 1985 in Pszczyna, Poland) was the winner of Polish Idol in 2002. She also appeared in World Idol, where she sang "I Don't Know How to Love Him" from Jesus Christ Superstar. In November 2002, her debut album, Ala Janosz, was released.

In 2003, she recorded a song for the Polish version of Jungle Book 2, "Przyjaciel dobra rzecz" ("A friend is a best thing"). In April 2003, she recorded "To co w nas ukryte" for the Polish reality show "9 niezwykłych tygodni" ("9 amazing weeks").

In 2004, she took part in the Polish preselection to the Eurovision Song Contest and came 4th out of 15 acts.

In 2005, she contributed the song "I'm still alive" to the charity album Voyces United for UNHCR.

In 2005, she recorded the song "Że z wiatrem raz" with Piotr Banach. She is currently working on her 2nd album.

Ala Janosz (2002)

Może się wydawać (It may seem so) (2002)
Zmień siebie (Change Yourself) (2002)
Zbudziłam się (I woke up) (2002)
Przyjaciel dobra rzecz (Friend is the best thing) (2003)
To co w nas ukryte (That what was hidden inside us) (2003)
I'm still alive (2004)
He's Just A Doggie / I Can't Stand It (2009)

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