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Alex Gaudino

House dance electronic club electronica

    Alex Gaudino begins his adventure in 1993 in the music business at the famous Flying Records and UMM;
    In 1998 with the support of Giacomo Maiolini, owner of TIME Records, Alex founds RISE Records, which soon becomes one of the most respected European labels, signing hit records like The Tamperer and Black Legend (Alex is the only Italian A&R who had two # 1 in the UK sales chart ) and the super -hit of Robbie RiveraBang”, which allowed him in 2000 to get the nomination as best European A&R at the European Music Awards in London.
    In this period he increases also his activity as a producer with two singles in 2003 featuring big names such as Crystal Waters and Ultra Natè: the single “Destination Unknown” is played by all the most important deejays, including Pete Tong and Judge Jules and reached the top of the UK Buzz charts.

    There is Alex touch also behind the projects Supacupa and Sambatucada (Gaudino da Costa) and his remix of “Is it cos I’m cool”by Mousse T. marks the summer 2004, and immediately after that 2005 sees the arrival of Lil’ Love “Little Love”, which was nomitated by Musica & Dischi as the best italian dance record of the year, played by Pete Tong in exclusive at the Nikky Beach in Miami during WMC 2005. The record is releases by Positiva in UK and reaches the top of the club charts, including the top of the chart of the famous DJ Magazine.

    2006 begins with the remixes of Pete Tong & Chris Cox (Deep End), Mousse T. (Horny) and James Kakande (You You You-played by Pete Tong), and the year goes on with the releases on Ministry of Sound of his single “Reaction” and on Hed Kandi of his project Blue LipstickHead over Heels”.
    But Alex is always one step further… and his new single “track artist=alex geudino]Destination Calabria”, considered best dance record at Popkopmm and his new project 1 of 100 “So Fast”, with Maurizio Nari and Ronnie Milani will be released in 2007 by the more and more chart-breaker DATA/Ministry of Sound!!
    Alex is also a well known dj and you can find him playing around at the AKA/The End in London, Tenax in Florence, Pacha Ibiza (Made In Italy), Jubilee-Liverpool,The China Lounge-Amburgo,Utopia-Varsavia,Club Slava-Mosca, Circolo Loco-Bilbao, and many others best clubs in Italy…

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