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Alex Clare

dubstep electronic soul british pop rock

    Alexander George "Alex" Clare (born 14 September 1985) is a British singer and songwriter from south-west London now living in north-west London, UK. The Too Close Songfacts says that he took up the trumpet and drums as a youngster, but as he grew older he graduated to guitar-based songwriting, playing open-mike nights with original material. Clare dated Amy Winehouse for a year during these early days, after meeting her during a performance at The Hawley Arms in Camden, North London. A demo earned him a deal with the Island label in the U.K.
    His debut album, from which he has released the track 'Up All Night', has been produced by Diplo and Switch. He has released three videos, for 'Up All Night' for 'Relax My Beloved' and for 'Too Close.'

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