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Aleš Brichta

Czech rock hard rock seen live heavy metal

Aleš Brichta was born in 1959 in Prague. He had played in many bands - Kentaur, Projektil, Apad. In 1982 was formed a legend called Arakain. Besides singing, composing and writing lyrics for Arakain, Brichta acted as their manager and in early years of bands existence also as guitarist and bass guitarist.

He had to put on with all antipathy and censorship brought by the communistic regime which wasn't willing to accept most of stuff related to heavy metal and such stuff. Aleš Brichta became a kind of patron of all czechoslovak metal/hard rock fans then. Snippets of his lyrics appeared also on things like nuptial announcements although it was still illegal to support the underground scene.

Brichta helped to organise many metal concert. Probably because of this Arakain was finally banned. Despite this fact he carried the band at least on Polish festivals and in Russia and Hungary. Their first album Thrash The Trash was released in 1990, after revolution.

Besides performing with his main band Arakain he worked on other projects - Hattrick and Zemětřesení.

Aleš also sung in rock czech version of opera Jesus Christ Superstar and also produced an ice musical Mrazík (The Iceman / Морозко) and albums of bands like Doga and Škwor.

In 1992 he was voted the best czech singer in the enquiry Černá vrána.

In 1994, when Arakain was in little pause, he has started his solo carrer and recorded first solo album Růže pro Algernon.
He sung in Arakain and simultaneously has worked on solo albums until 2002. After 20 years he left from Arakain and has fully concentrated on solo career. Brichta also formed new band Grizzly.
In 2003 he released his latest solo album Anděl posledního soudu and year later project album Legendy 2 under the moniker Aleš Brichta, Pavla Kapitánová a hosté.

In 2006, as a result of merging his solo carrer and band Grizzly, was formed his then actual main band Aleš Brichta Band and released first album Divadlo snů.

In year 2011, after five years, four full-length albums, one live album and many personnel changes in the line-up, the band Aleš Brichta Band decided to continue to perform and produce records under the name of Aleš Brichta omitting Band from the name and logo. With this band name, they had performed many concerts, but has not released any new studio material.
In November 2012 Aleš Brichta decided to change band name again to Aleš Brichta Project and start with a new line-up.

On his official website Brichta said, that maybe one day he will record a solo blues album.

Last known line-up (as band from 2011 to 2012):
Aleš Brichta - vocals
Nikola Kandoussi - guitar
David Vaněk - guitar
Honza Santorcl - bass guitar
Martin Voděra - drums

Past members (as band from 2011 to 2012):
Djordje Erič - guitar

Past members (as solo artist from 1994 to 2003):
Miroslav Mach - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Karel Adam - bass guitar, keyboards
Daniel Hafstein - drums
Mirek Hanuš - accordion, guitar
Petr Roškaňuk - guitar
Zdeněk Vlč - keyboards
Josef Cigánek - drums

Aleš Brichta has published photos.