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Al Shid

Tango fusion jazz tango Cool Tango nu-tango

No one is interested in where Shid went to school or who he was the opening act for. Quiet Frankly who the hell is Al-shid anyway? What makes him different from any other here today song gone tomorrow fad that were forced to endure? What makes him shine in an age where rappers come and go quicker than seasonal fashions? Well for starters, nothing about his persona insinuates a seasonal effect. The lyrical intricacies and wit he displays leaves a lasting impression on anyone who crosses his path. Besides, with an on going verbal assault and an arsenal of mind blowing metaphors, its safe to say that Al-shid may be a rewind buttons worst nightmare. Secondly and most important of all these factors is he doesnt just rap. Rap is a generic label with many other sub-generic labels that are placed on product and marketed to a certain demographic. The music that shid creates on the other hand is a rhythmic collage of emotions that portray details of every day life most people tend to overlook. By setting the mood lyrically and also on the production end, he has a colorful way of making the unconventional seem conventional. Remaining true to the authentic essence of street hip hop that nurtured his very existence, the self proclaimed "Hottest thing to hit the streets of New York since building 7" maliciously attacks tracks with a blatant disregard for anyone or anything. Though he is reminiscent of none, his music is familiar of a time and place where artist were not afraid of originality because hip hop was based on self expression. Al-shid not only signifies the evolution of hip hop but the revolution as well. Line for line his music raises the bar of lyrical potency, while his social awareness refuses to be suppressed by industry mediocrities. Many consider his musical content to be timeless. Shid credits this attribute to his motto of Treating everything like its a masterpiece and putting apart of your soul in it. Anything with a soul will always be timeless, cause souls never die. Rather than being interested in making hits, shids focus is centered on making history. Always challenging his listeners mentally and defying the installment of social normality, Shid has and always will continue to Still Hold It Down amongst the opposition.

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