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Advocatus Diaboli

Gothic Rock Gothic Gothic Metal german black metal

There are several bands with the name Advocatus Diaboli.

(1) Advocatus Diaboli is the Gothic-Wave-Formation who has been brought into being in 1996 and has attracted great attention in performing on stage with, amongst other Das Ich, ASP and Zeraphine as well as with the band's grandiose releases "Enter your Forest" and “Sterbend durch die Sonne”.

Gary Thomas - Synthies
Christoph Hösch - Bass
Daniel Klee - Guitar
Linda Weinmann - Vocals
Thomas Jäkel - Vocals, Guitar, Sampling, Programming, Synthies

(2)Advocatus diaboli is a mexican project of doing a mixture of black metal speed metal power metal and death metal combining the different styles with lyrics and strong vocals make advocatus diaboli a worth?…

(3) Advocatus Diaboli is also french black metal band.
They released one demo "Le dernier Requiem de la Flamme Noire" at 1999.

(4) Advocatus Diaboli is also a Finnish folk band. They released the CD "Hyvä hallitsija" in 1999.

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