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Adolf Hitler

seen live emo better than radiohead moustache always popular Brutal Death Metal

Adolf Hitler, aka "The Dictator", was a brutal fascist responsible for the killing of many jews. The thing that made him very famous is THE moustasche, today not so very popular. He is also famous for a little war some years ago, when the Germans, as they say: "Were on vacation". During the years Adolf Hitler has starred on many TV shows and films, such as "The Dictator", "Monty Python's Flying Circus" and "South Park". Hitler has had a long and prosperous movie and music career which during 2005 led to a leading part in the German film "Die Untergang".

During the late 1940's Adolf Hitler lost many of his former fans such as Hermann Goering, The German People, "Il Duce" Mussolini and and later Ferdinando Franco. During the late 1980's he gained a lot of new fans and today one of his biggest supporters are Swedish Nazi band Pluton Svea.

The above statement is only partially true and should not be used for any term papers. It also omits the fact that Hitler invented the modern day Begian Waffle. Its also a fact that Adolf Hitler was the original designer of the Nike "swoosh" and was only paid 30,000 franks.

During the years 1941-1945 he developed a terrible case of Parkinsons disease, which drove him to be a little "koo koo". It was at that time he also developed an insatiable taste for Morphine and numerous amphetamines. Because of his use of drugs, his decision making became very cloudy and ultimately cost him the war.

Lets not forget he was a huge coward who took his own life and was willing to destroy his own "volk", on top of the six million jews and five million non-jews who perished in his camps.

Adolf Hitler was resurrected and started a carrer ass a DJ sometime in the 90s playing hardcore techno and eurodance classics on the dancefloor.
Later he began to make his own music and still does.

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