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    Acherontas is an occult black metal band from Greece, previously know as Stutthof. Contrary to popular belief, neither Acherontas nor Stutthof were NS bands - Stutthof's name was taken from that of a Nazi concentration camp in Poland, but NS ideology does not appear or play a significant part in the lyrics or meanings of songs by either band. Acherontas is focused solely on the mysticism of the left-hand path.

    The current line-up is:
    ACHERONTAS V.P.9 - Vocals, Guitars , Nihasa)
    TIPHARETH:Hermetic PhilosophyV. Adept Kadmos - Lyrics
    SAEVUS H: Six Bladed Scythe of Thantifaxath
    Session Members for Ritual Shows and Special Appearance in Releases:
    TYPHONIOS:Four Strings of Ophidian Discordance
    F.V:Skulls & Bones
    HIEROPHANT:Six Strings Evocations of the Desert Tempests

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