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Ace of Base

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    Swedish group Ace of Base was formed in Göteborg, Sweden in 1990.

    The band's original lineup consisted of Ulf Ekberg (Buddha), and siblings Jonas Berggren (Joker), Linn Berggren and Jenny Berggren; the two Berggren sisters left in 2007 and 2009 respectively, and were replaced with Clara Hagman and Julia Williamson.

    Ace Of Base broke through internationally in 1993 with the hit 'All That She Wants' and one year later with 'The Sign' worldwide. Their album 'Happy Nation' (released as 'The Sign' in the USA) went on to sell over 20 million copies.

    Their second album, "The Bridge" released in 1995, was well received with the hit single 'Beautiful Life' breaking away from their - sound into a more - sound. It seemed clear that with music tastes rapidly changing, the hype about the band died down, much to the relief of blonde singer Linn who decided to hand over power to her sister Jenny for their third album. "Flowers", also known as "Cruel Summer" in America. It was released in 1998 and was not as popular as their first two albums.

    Their fourth album, "Da Capo", was released in 2002. Whilst well received by fans, Da Capo received little publicity from the new record company Universal after Mega Records ceased to exist in 2001.

    In October and November 2005, the band performed several concerts at the "Night of the Proms" show in Belgium, their first orchestated work. Jenny, Jonas, and Ulf performed four of their biggest hits to the audience: The Sign, All That She Wants, Beautiful Life & Life Is A Flower.

    In 2007 Ulf Ekberg confirmed in an interview that Malin Berggren has officially left the band and that she would not be involved with any future projects. The group had already been performing mostly without Linn as a trio for a decade before her departure.

    Since 2007 the band is on tour, performing in Europe and Asia. A global world tour is planned for 2009.

    On November 2008 Ace of Base issued a new Greatest Hits compilation. The 3-disc set includes one CD with the hits, a second CD containing remixes, and the third disc, a DVD containing all the music videos. Three new remixes, "The Sign 2009", "Wheel of Fortune 2009" and "Don't Turn Around 2009" are included. "Wheel of Fortune 2009" were released worldwide on 24 October 2009 as the lead single of the Greatest Hits album.

    In 2009, Ulf Ekberg and Jonas Berggren were joined by two new vocalists, Clara Hagman and Julia Williamson. The band released their fifth album, The Golden Ratio, in September 2010. It entered the German album charts at #20 (with All For You and The Golden Ratio both entering the Top 40) and at # 100 in Switzerland. The band plan to release "The Golden Ratio" in the UK in 2011.

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