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Ace Frehley

hard rock rock glam rock classic rock heavy metal

    Ace Frehley (born Paul Daniel Frehley in The Bronx, NY, United States on April 27, 1951) is an American guitarist and best known as a founding member and lead guitarist for the band Kiss. Playing the popular character of 'the spaceman', Frehley played with the group from its inception in 1972 until his departure in 1982. He has also embarked on a successful solo career, producing tunes such as 1978's rambunctious hit "New York Groove".

    His and styled work includes playing in Frehley's Comet. His solo efforts were put on hold when he rejoined Kiss in 1996 for a highly successful reunion tour. His second tenure with Kiss lasted until 2002, when he left at the conclusion of the band's Farewell Tour. He has since resumed his solo career, and he's currently touring the U.S. with his latest album being 2014's 'Space Invader'. He has also written the acclaimed memoir 'No Regrets', which details his working-class background and past hard-partying lifestyle.


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