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    There are 2 bands named Absu.

    1. An American black metal band with a sound comprised of both thrash and death metal. Formed in Plano, Texas in 1989, the band's name was originally Dolmen but this was soon changed to Absu, drawing thematic influence from esoteric middle-eastern and Celtic mythology. They recorded four albums and an EP from 1993 to 2001. After the release of Tara in 2001 the band was put on hiatus as guitarist and bassist Equitant Ifernain and Shaftiel departed, citing musical differences and disinterest in the band, respectively.

    The current line-up is:
    Proscriptor McGovern - Vocals (lead), Drums (Proscriptor, ex-Melechesh, ex-Judas Iscariot)
    Vis Crom - Guitars (Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, ex-Armageddon, ex-Evil Divine)
    Ezezu - Vocals (backing), Bass (ex-Panzram)

    In 2007, Proscriptor resurrected Absu, announcing a new line-up and a new (self-titled) album was released in 2009.

    2. Black metal band from Italy, released only one demo:
    Catacomba, Opera I Demo, 1993

    Later changed their name to Void of Naxir

    Absu has published photos.