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    André Tanneberger aka ATB (born February 26, 1973 in Freiberg, Saxony, Germany) is a DJ, musician, and producer of , and music.

    Among his most famous songs is “9pm (Till I Come)”, which topped the charts in the United Kingdom in 1998 and is widely regarded as the UK’s first Trance number one. The track features a guitar riff which became hugely popular. This guitar sound, which he accidentally found while experimenting with a new producing deck, became the trademark of his early hits. ATB continues to evolve and change with every album. His current style involves more vocals and varied sounds, with frequent pianos.

    Despite only releasing a few more singles in the UK, namely “Don’t stop!” (No.3, 300,000 copies sold) and “Killer” (No.4, 200,000 copies sold), he still regularly releases music in his native Germany and in other parts of Europe, where he has scored big hits such as “I Don’t Wanna Stop” and his cover of Olive’s 1996 hit “You’re Not Alone”.

    “Two Worlds” (2000) is a two-disc album based upon the concept of different types of music for different moods, with titles such as “The World Of Movement” and “The Relaxing World”.

    ATB’s latest hits include uplifting “Ecstasy” and chilling “Marrakech”, both from the album “No Silence” (2004) and also released as singles.

    In 2005, ATB released “Seven Years”, a compilation of 20 songs, including many greatest hits such as “The Summer”, “Let U Go”, “Hold U”, “Long Way Home”, and “I Don’t Wanna Stop”. Additionally, “Seven Years includes six new tracks: “Humanity”; “Let U Go (2005 Reworked)”; “Believe in Me”; “Trilogie, Pt. 2”; “Take Me Over”; and “Far Beyond”. Many of ATB’s recent albums have featured vocals from Roberta Carter Harrison, singer for the Canadian duo Wild Strawberries.

    His next album was co-written by vocalist Tiff Lacey. “Trilogy” was released in 2007. The release of his second single “Justify” was moved from November 2006 to 2007. The single “Renegade” was released on 2007-04-12 and features Heather Nova.

    On 2009-05-01 ATB released his latest album “Future Memories” featuring Josh Gallahan (a.k.a. jades) and others. The first single release of Future Memories which was also released on May 1st 2009 features What About Us and L.A. Nights.

    His highly anticipated "Distant Earth" album was released 29th April 2011 and was comprised of 2CDs including combined work with Armin Van Buuren, Dash Berlin, Melissa Loretta and Josh Gallahan. A 3rd CD was also produced with all the club versions of the first CD hits. Singles released from the album include Twisted Love ft. Cristina Soto and Gold ft. JanSoon.

    To date André continues to maintain a connection with his fans through social networking sites and still goes on tour.

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