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A Smile From The Trenches

post-hardcore screamo emocore emo rock

Originally formed in 2006 in Grand Junction, Colorado, A SMILE FROM THE TRENCHES now hails from Los Angeles, California. ASFTT have been a band since 2006, but 2009 has brought together the most complete and confident formation yet. All members of the band currently feel that they are at their all time creative and musical peak and are ready to tour and work harder than any band in existence.

Frontman and vocalist Stoney Anderson knew fronting a band was his calling the moment he heard the Rolling Stones for the first time. Other groups that made him who he is were Aerosmith and Motley Crue. Brent Javier, a close high school friend of Stoney quickly joined the band early 2007 and has been with Stoney ever since. After many tours through the western and central United States, including stints on Warped Tour 2007 (Ernie Ball Battle of The Bands Winner 2007) and sharing the stage with Escape The Fate, LoveHateHero, Finch, Dance Gavin Dance, The Devil Wears Prada, Emerosa, I Am Ghost, Aiden and many others, Brent and Stoney finally made ground in Los Angeles in 2008 where they both originally met each other. Resorting to hanging out on Hollywood’s legendary “Sunset Strip” Stoney met guitarist Derek Jones, formerly of the Agony Scene (Roadrunner Records), and Ahmad Alkurabi, former guitarist of Beyond All Reasons (Ozzfest) at The Roxy Theater.

“I was talking to Derek randomly and asked him to join our band when I found out he was a guitarist”, Stoney explains. “Ahmad found out I was talking to Derek and said what are you doing talking to my guitarist! I said I'm looking for two guitarists if you want to join”.

The band quickly started writing and all fell in love what was being created as well as the chemistry between all four members of the band. The band independently recorded their debut mini album “Leave The Gambling For Vegas” which has immediatly generated buzz online off of the three focus tracks “Stop Worryin’ Star Warrian”, “Dani” and a cover of the Katy Perry hit “Hot n Cold”. To date these tracks total over 1.6 million plays on MYSPACE.

A SMILE FROM THE TRENCHES plan is to reshape a genre that has been dormant since the days of The Used and most recently My Chemical Romance. The band truly plans to make their music and faces known throughout America and the rest of the world for many years and tour to come! The self proclaimed hardest working rock band in the US continues to drive through self funded mini tours and plans to set forth on non stop touring coming in July and its only a matter of time before the future “Bad Boys of Rock” leave their mark on a genre that needs a good kick in the ass.

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