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post-rock instrumental experimental math rock electronic

    65daysofstatic began in Sheffield, United Kingdom in 2001 as Iain Armstrong, Paul Wolinski and Joe Shrewsbury. They originally formed to try to write music to fit the unreleased and little known John Carpenter film, 'Stealth Bomber' (starring Kurt Russell).

    65daysofstatic (also known by the abbreviation 65dos or 65days) are an and band from Sheffield, UK. Their debut album, The Fall of Math (2004), was released to critical acclaim.

    The band intersperses heavy, progressive, guitar-driven instrumental sections with both -esque programmed and live drums. Their albums, as a result, maintain a distinctively gritty, almost feel.

    Armstrong left in May 2003, Feedle (Graham Clarke) then joined for a brief period and played a part in writing the band's first single from The Fall of Math, Retreat! Retreat!. By the end of 2003 Rob Jones (drums) and Gareth Hughes (bass) had been recruited, increasing the band to four members. Gareth left around the time of the release of their debut album, The Fall of Math, to be replaced by Simon Wright.

    The second album, One Time For All Time (2005), had a discrete success. In the same year they remixed Burn from the album Crimson by Alkaline Trio. The track appears on one 7inch vinyl out of a set of 2.

    The third LP, The Destruction of Small Ideas (2007), was indeed a hit with fans and critics. It was anticipated by the release of its single Don't Go Down To Sorrow.

    Their live album, Escape From New York, was released on 20th April 2009 and featured two new tracks: No Use Crying Over (Some Techno) and Four Score and (Some Drum 'n' Bass).

    The fourth LP, We Were Exploding Anyway (2010) was released on 26th April 2010. It was anticipated by the release, in Japan only, of a single from the album entitled Weak4.

    The fifth studio album, Wild Light (2013) was released on Sept 16, 2013 in Europe and Oct 29, 2013 in the US. The 8-track album was released on the Superball Music label.

    2016 - Soundtrack for "No Man's Sky" video game
    The band is providing the soundtrack to the much anticipated video game "No Man's Sky", developed by Hello Games and due for release in June, 2016. The game will initially be launched exclusively on the PlayStation 4. The trailer for the game was shown at E3 in 2014, which featured the band's "Debutante" track. The band has since composed the entire soundtrack and created a "No Man's Sky" album.

    Interesting fact: Early Arctic Monkeys have been supporting 65daysofstatic on their tour

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