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5'nizza (pronounced "PYAT-ni-tsa" — Russian/Ukrainian for "Friday") were an acoustic music duo from Kharkiv, Ukraine, consisting of Serhiy Babkin (Сергей Бабкин) (guitar) and Andriy Zaporozhets (SunSay) (vocals). Their music is a combination of soul, hip-hop and reggae performed using mostly acoustic guitar, sung or rapped vocals and human beatbox. 5'nizza formed in 2000, released two official albums and disbanded in 2007, both members embarking on solo careers.
Sergey Babkin and Andrey Zaporozhets met in 1995. Despite the fact that Zaporozhets was inspired by soul and hip-hop, while Babkin followed rock music, they found common ground, and by 2000, started writing songs together. Their first album "Анплаггед" ("Unplugged") was recorded in 2002 for only $30, without overdubs, and quickly spread unofficially by word of mouth. The album was officially released in 2003 under the name "Пятница" ("Friday"). The song "Солдат" ("Soldier") became an instant hit after receiving radio airplay, and 5'nizza quickly rose to mainstream popularity in Ukraine, Russia and other Russian-speaking countries. 2005 saw the release of their much-anticipated second album, "О5" (pronounced "o-PYAT" — Russian for "Again"). This time 5'Nizza offered much more sophisticated studio work, while at the same time following the same guitar/vocals/beatbox formula (though, with occasional electric guitar and Rhodes piano). The album enjoyed much less mainstream popularity than its predecessor, but 5'Nizza continued active touring and working on their side projects. When Zaporozhets and Babkin started writing the third album, they found that they were unable to follow the acoustic musical formula, and decided to discontinue working as 5'Nizza, focusing on their own projects instead: Babkin continued his solo career, and Zaporozhets formed SunSay.

Babkin and Zaporozhets reunited to perform several concerts in 2015.

In 2017 the new album "КУ" ("KU"), was released.

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