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3LW (short for "3 Little Women") was an American pop/R&B singing girl group that enjoyed a number of hits during the early 2000s. Its founding members, Naturi Naughton, Adrienne Bailon (born October 24, 1983 in Manhattan, New York), and Kiely Williams (born July 9, 1986 in Alexandria, Virginia), signed with SoSo Def/Jive/Zomba Records, with Kiely's mother Michele Williams serving as manager. Jessica Benson joined later on when Naturi left mid-2002 due to personal differences with the other members.

Currently, Adrienne and Kiely are now 2/3 of the Disney movie group turned recording artists The Cheetah Girls (with Sabrina Bryan), while Jessica has moved on to a new girlgroup called Chocolate. Naturi is pursing a college education, working on a solo record, and performing regularly on Broadway's "Hairspray".

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