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Сергей Бабкин

acoustic singer-songwriter reggae Ukrainian russian

    Сергей Бабкин (Sergei Babkin) is a from 5'nizza.
    He was born on November 7, 1978 in the city of Kharkiv. The creative personality graduated from music school, class of flute. Fluent in several musical instruments, since he graduated from the Kharkov Art Lyceum, where in 1994 met Андрей Запорожец ("Sun"). They quickly became friends, and in 2002 created a group called 5nizza, where Андрей is a singer, and Сергей - guitarist and backing vocalist. In the end 8 years of friendship have led them to the crowds of listeners, and all started with simple games on the guitar in a narrow range friends. Songs performed in the style of ragga, latina, hop + unrealistic distortion of sound, an imitation of musical instruments and, of course, an unlimited number lyrical sense.

    In 2000 he graduated from the theater department of the Kharkov Russian Drama Theater named Kotlyarevskii. In 1999-2002. worked in the Kharkov Russian Drama Theater named after A. Pushkin.

    At present he is also an actor in "Theater 19".

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