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Ночные Снайперы

russian rock russian female vocalists rock Pop-Rock

    Night Snipers (Russian: Ночные Cнайперы) is a Russian rock band. Found in 1993 as an acoustic duo of Diana Arbenina (Russian: Диана Сергеевна Арбенина) and Svetlana Surganova (Russian: Светлана Яковлевна Сурганова). The ladies played guitar and violin respectively, sharing the vocals and songwriting duties evenly, eventually adding amplification to the band. Since its inception the band has participated in a variety Russian gigs — from the underground (such as Babye Leto and Moguchaya Kuchka) to the major events (Nashestvie, MAXIDROM, Krylya), as well as touring extensively domestically and abroad.

    Night Snipers' best known singles are 31st Spring (31 весна), Frontier (Рубеж), Capital (Столица), Asphalt (Асфальт), and Actress (Актриса). The majority of the songs in band's repertoire is written by Arbenina and Surganova, but some using the poetry of such authors as Joseph Brodsky, Anna Akhmatova, and Federico Garcia Lorca. In 2002 Svetlana Surganova departed the band to start her own project Surganova and the Orchestra, while Diana remained the front-woman of Night Snipers.


    * 1995 Second bullet (Вторая пуля) (not published)
    * 1998 Drop of tar/In a barrel of honey (Капля
    дегтя/В бочке меда) (Сaravan Records)
    * 1999 Britanets (Британец)
    * 1999 Child's babble (Детский лепет) (Manchester
    * 1999 Kanarsky (Канарский) (not published)
    * 2001 Frontier (Рубеж) (Real Records)
    * 2002 Live (Живой) (Real Records)
    * 2002 Tsunami (Цунами) (Real Records)
    * 2003 Trigonometry (Тригонометрия) (Real Records)
    * 2004 SMS (Real Records)
    * 2005 Simauta (together with Kazufumi Miyazawa)
    * 2005 Koshika (Japanese release, together with
    Kazufumi Miyazawa)
    * 2005 Trigonometry-2 (Тригонометрия-2) (Real
    * 2006 Koshika (Russian release, together with
    Kazufumi Miyazawa)
    * 2007 Bonnie & Clyde (Бонни & Клайд) (Real Records)

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