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Би 2

russian rock rock russian Pop-Rock alternative

    BI-2 is a band. It was formed in Belarus in 1988 by Leva and Shura, who both took the surname BI-2. BI originally was the abbreviation of "Bereg Istini" ("Shores of truth"), the previous name of the band. In the early years the band was playing music.

    In 1991 BI-2 moved to Israel and disbanded in 1993. Shura moved to Australia where he joined a band, Chiron. He invited Leva to join it in 1996. Chiron was an obscure band, featuring vocals by Michael Aliani. Some of the Chiron songs were re-recorded and re-released in 2006 as the album "Chiron" by BI-2, with Leva's vocals.

    In 1998 Leva and Shura moved to Russia to conquer the rock scene. They participated in the soundtrack for the Брат 2 ("Brother II") movie by Alexey Balabanov, and soon became one of the most popular rock bands. In 2005 BI-2 together with Mихаил Карасев (Mikhail Karasev) (BI-2's lyrics writer and Shura's uncle) released the Нечётный Воин ("Odd Warrior") project, joined by many Russian and artists.

    A complete discography with Lyrics and English translations can be found here:

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