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RAC black metal metalcore german under 2000 listeners

There are two bands called Ubermensch

1) Lyrical themes - Friedrich W. Nietzsche, misanthropy, anti-humanism.

All music and lyrics are written by Kyle Stanfield (unless otherwise noted).

Übermensch is a black/thrash metal band started by Kyle Stanfield (Kunikos, Kyle Stanfield, Subarctic Heir, Tr0ncock, Ex-Jenovah (previously known as Morionor)) in 2005. After finding no people interested in joining, it was a decided one piece. The first album, "God is Dead" was released. Later, Kyle moved to the greater Atlanta area for college in September of 2006.

Übermensch has a very capriccio or baroque style of writing. The band takes a huge amount of influence from thrash metal and death metal, both old and new. Other influences from classical and operatic music can be heard as well (especially in the capricious structuring of the songs).

2) Genre
Joel Cross, Joe Riccio. We are looking for a vocalist and sampler/keyboardist. Please contact if interested!
Dubuque, IA
Current Location
Dubuque, IA

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