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deadmau5 - Get Scraped


- Get Scraped

Get Scraped is the first full-length album by deadmau5. It was released on the independent record label ZOOLOOK. The album stylistically departs from deadmau5's usual progressive house sound. Many tracks feature influences from IDM, ambient/downtempo, noise pop, trip hop, among others. This album exists in two versions: a physical CD release which appeared in a limited edition of 500 copies[citation needed] in 2005, and a download release which appeared in 2006. The latter has a different track order from the original CD release, with many of the tracks re-edited, and two tracks omitted that were on the original CD release, while the 2006 download release features "Careless (Acoustic)" as an additional track. The 2006 download release is the most common version now, whereas the 2005 CD release has become rather rare. (The original 2005 release can also be recognized by the fact that it has the title 'Get Scraped' on its cover, as well as the logo of the record label; both of these are not on the cover for the 2006 download release.)